The Corkscrewteers©

Over the years, several of us have become great friends.  Our conversations often taking place over email, skype, and iPhones. We have made trades, shared information, offered advice (sometimes willingly accepted), and have in fact, formed an unique corkscrew collecting club.  While, I am a member of the Intenational Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts and the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club, I am just as proud to be affiliated with the motley scoundrels that make up this consortium of corkscrew collectors known as the "Corkscrewteers!"

No rules, bylaws, or dues, we have taken up the calling (not the religious one) of the late Reverend Samuel Henshall, who was awarded the first corkscrew patent in 1795. An alleged scoundrel himself, he has been referred to as a "...piractical screwmaker."

We raise a glass to his pirating ways, and to this fantastic invention.

"all for one, one for all, and (cork)screw everyone else!"

The original founding members of the corkscrewteers; Peter Borrett, Chris Bristow, and Josef L'Africain


Josef L'Africain lives in Maine, and scouts every possible place an antique corkscrew may be hiding.  From 5 dollar flea market finds to one-dollar rarities found at the local thrift store, he tends to unearth treasures for very very low prices. You will often find him traveling up and down the coastline hitting every antique store. And, you can always find him at Brimfield!


Peter Borrett lives in England, which gives him an unfair advantage in collecting corkscrews, as so many corkscrews find their origins there. When not hunting for corkscrews, you will find him in the practice/recording studio with his band, "Broken Helix."



Chris Bristow, also lives in England, and has a certain affinity for mechanical corkscrews and rare British patents.  He is also a rather elusive fellow who disappears for great periods of time, and then eventually resurfaces with quite the tale to tell.  Where has CB been during this more recent absence?  We can only speculate...



It is a wonder what Mark Woodard (from Annapolis, MD) actually does for NASA... all we know is that he keeps on finding new and unusual ways to capture corkscrew after corkscrew on eBay.

Ever vigilant in his searching, hitting antique shows and auctions frequently, he keeps turning up rare and previously unseen patented corkscrews!

Tommy Campnell (formerly of Chicago, and now of Bainbridge Island, WA) spends countless hours (often late at night, or in the wee hours of the morning) hunting for corkscews. His collection is rapidly growing, although his first love wasn't corkscrews, it was indeed...beanie babies.

Tommy definitely has a thing for syroco, but also has an incredible collection of Flash Corkscrews--at last check over 250 variations!!!

Steven Webb (aka Webby) has passion is for early and rare English patents. Some of us are quite happy that he doesn't want rare American patents, as that leaves a few for the rest of us.

(none of us, however, are really sure why there is a bear stuffed in his shirt).

Gavin Maddock (or Gav, as he is known in corkscrew circles) is the newest addition to our motley bunch. Another Brit, he is always on the hunt for the rare and unusual (and sometimes finds both).

All for one, one for all, and (cork)screw everyone else!