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In a past incarnation, my website largely focused on countless images of the various corkscrews within my collection. Overtime, as the collection has become increasingly focused, combined with my own obsessive nature, I have narrowed the website to focus on corkscrews where I have a particular collecting and research interest.

As I will continue researching the history of the corkscrews that we all covet, this page will expand to include other articles and observations.

Enjoy the corkscrews, and if you have any antique corkscrews in your own collection that you are interested in learning about, or sharing, please feel free to drop me a line.



Syroco Corkscrews James D. Frary Corkscrews Anton Trunk Corkscrews Converse Cork Pullers American Lateral Projection Cork Extractors


From the Inside Out: Milam and Sheridan Cork Extractors


Detroit and Puddefoot Corkscrews R. Murphy Boston Corkscrews Best 6 of the Year Curley Corkscrews Mumble Peg Corkscrew  


enjoy perusing the collection, and drop me a line if you are so inclined.